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"Where Nature Meets Science"
 Enjoy Nature's Gifts!
Plant Study* Bird Watching* Wildlife *Nature Trails
Welcome to The Botanist Lodge Nestled in 40 acres of  Wilderness
​Reminiscent of a "Mini Big Thicket"
The Botanist Lodge was designed with Botanists in mind,  and is located in a picturesque and tranquil forest environment.  Here you will find such plants as Jack-In-The-Pulpit and Arrow Leaf Indian Plantain along with many more plants that are generally found only in the Big Thicket National Forest or on Preserved Land. Catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful birds, woodpeckers, wood ducks and other unique species! Enjoy exploring  the spring water creek that ripples over pebble stones and natural sand. Take a stroll on the quaint nature trails as you learn more interesting facts about birds, plants, trees and wildlife. Thanks in part to our Texas State Certified Forester!

The Lodge Quarters are exceptionally charming and accommodating. Conveniently equipped with four separate external key entry bedrooms, two fully accommodating bathrooms, that are conveniently adjoining to the bedrooms, a modest dining/meeting room, attached deck and chairs for serene mornings. In addition, tents are available to complete your nature experience. Explore and enjoy this tranquil nature environment, where televisions seemed to have withered into history!  
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