The Botanist Lodge 

Enjoy Nature's Gifts!

Welcome to The Botanist Lodge Nestled in 40 acres of  Wilderness
​Reminiscent of a "Mini Big Thicket"
    The Botanist Lodge was designed with Botanists in mind,  and is located in a picturesque and tranquil forest environment that is Exclusive to You and Your Guests. Here you will find such plants as Jack-In-The-Pulpit and Arrow Leaf Indian Plantain and additional plants and trees, generally found only in the Big Thicket National Forest or on Preserved Land

    Catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful birds, woodpeckers, wood ducks and other unique species! Enjoy exploring  the spring water creek that ripples over pebble stones and natural sand. Take a stroll on the quaint nature trails, and relax for a moment on trail swings surrounded by interesting trees and the beautiful sounds of nature. Pause, along the winding trails to read posted information about birds, plants, trees and wildlife.

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